About Josh

Biography and Recent Projects

A New York-based writer, Josh specializes in dramedy and adventure. For the past nine years, he’s been writing and producing a wide range of projects, from features to video games to independent comics.

joshAfter obtaining his degree in Scriptwriting from Ithaca College’s Park School of Communications, Josh wrote coverage at Michael Mailer Films, and was a PA on a range of film and TV productions including “30 Rock” and “What Happens in Vegas”. He subsequently joined the Story Production Department at Blue Sky Studios, creators of Ice Age and Rio, and from there became a writer’s assistant on the Hulu original show “Deadbeat”.

While still a Story PA, Josh wrote and produced an independent comic, FENIX GEAR, sold at numerous comic conventions and independent comic book shops. He also began work on the ongoing webcomic UNLIFE. Since then, the list has only increased. Josh has signed on as writer for an as-yet-unannounced video game, as well as TOMMEL Design’s DIVISION series, while UNLIFE has grown into a popular serial projected to continue for at least 4 years more.

Recently returned to the East Coast from Los Angeles, Josh lives in Washington Heights with his wife and two bicycles.

Recent Projects:

Louie, “Gag Pass” (Spec Script – click for preview)
Desperate for money, Louie takes a writing job that may be too morally reprehensible, even for him.

Peril and Perish, “Pilot” (Original 1-hour Drama – click for preview)
Torn between Israel and Palestine, a superhero must lead a double life – as another superhero.

Division #1 – 5 (Independent Comic – click for preview)
A special agent must fight through hordes of ghouls and monsters in order to prevent becoming one himself.

Blog, “Don’t Look Down”(Personal Essays – click to view)
Nearly 150 rants, raves, and reviews.

Unlife (Independent Webcomic – click to view)
A boy who dies learns how to live. 150+ strips, and still going strong.

Birds of a Feather, “Pilot” (Original Half-Hour Comedy)
Charley and Ben are a couple… of killers.

The Escapist (Original Dramatic Short)
A man on the run becomes trapped in the corridors of his mind.

Fenix Gear #1 – 5 (Original Independent Comic – click for preview)
A trio of would-be heroes are on a mission to fight evil – if they can just stop fighting each other.